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Teaching Philosophy
Study Group

Learning of, and from, each other

  • Learn who my students are and what they love to do

  • Students are not empty vessels - I learn from them, too!

  • Encourage Vulnerability

  • Perspective-taking activities

  • Learn to improve my pedagogy through formative feedback

Free Open Source Software for Instructional Learning (FOSSIL) Project

Fueled by both exorbitant costs and the pandemic, interest in Open Educational Resources (OER) is at an all time high. In Psychology, high quality OERs exist (OpenStax, NOBA) and are being adopted. However instructors often seek solutions to provide better interaction and availability than static web pages and PDF documents, and may utilize platforms like Pressbooks which then, in an ironic twist, begin charging for the very content that had previously been liberated. Institutions partner with these platforms as well as traditional publishers for these digitized materials under fanciful titles like “inclusive access” with no cost savings passed to students, and lack of customization – the very purposes of OERs in the first place.

To help institutions transition away from walled gardens and gatekeepers, my colleague and I have not only compiled OER materials, but also built systems to provide scalable availability to students and researchers using free open source software (FOSS). We have developed solutions to fully customizable OER delivered utilizing free tools on infrastructures largely already deployed on campus networks, in plain and simple language non-geeks will understand. Thus a crafty psychology professor, with assistance from their IT department, can realize the dream of OER: No cost, high quality, fully customizable

OER Textbooks (PDFs)

Courses Taught

  • Health Psychology (PSY 310)

    • Summer '24​

  • Research Methods (PSY 330, EPSY 403)

    • Fall '19, Spring ’23 '24, Summer ‘23 '24

  • Motivation (PSY 305)

    • Spring ’23

  • Sport Psychology (PSY 393)

    • Spring ’23, Summer '24

  • General Psychology (PSY 101)

    • Summer ’22 (online), Fall ‘22 ‘23, Spring ‘23 '24

  • Developmental Psychology (PSY 307)

    • Fall ‘22, ‘23

  • Adolescent Psychology

    • Spring '24​

  • Learning & Cognition (PSY 402)

    • Fall ‘22, ‘23

  • Educational Psychology (EPY 341)

    • Summer ’22, '23 (online), Fall ‘22, Spring ‘23 '24

  • Exploring Cultural Diversity (online) (EPSY 202)

    • Spring ’21, Fall ’21, Spring ‘22

  • EPOL 585 Ethnographic Methods (hybrid)

    • Spring ‘20

  • Global Perspectives in Cross-Cultural Contexts 

    • Spring ’20 - Fall ‘20

  • Global Perspectives for Intercultural Learning (online)

    • Fall ‘19

  • Study Abroad in Namibia (EDU 499) 

    • Spring ‘ 19 – Summer ‘19

  • Assessing Student Performance (CI 485)

    • Fall ‘18

Activity Highlights

Teaching with Sims 4

Utilizing Sims 4 video game with Parenthood edition to teach developmental concepts. Plumbob Awards Show Trophies pictured left.


Escape Room Day!

Class trip to the local escape rooms to practice concepts related to  group problem-solving (Fall, 2022)


Unnecessary Inventions Poster Pitch

To practice individual and group creativity, inspirations from Matt Benedetto products were used to create poster promotions for products of choice

(Fall, 2022)


Partner Yoga

Practicing teamwork activities that combine learning new physical fitness skills for Sport Psychology

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