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The Great PB&J Experiment

Witness the teaching of quasi-experimental design to introductory psychology students as an art and psychology professor go head-to-head in a PB&J masterpiece showdown.

With 22 students participating in a blind taste test, prepare to be amazed as these academic titans craft their delectable creations of sandwiches & a PB&J satisfaction scale. What makes for a satisfying PB&J and who will emerge victorious in this epic battle of flavors? Find out through our presentation here and savor the suspense!

Interested in using the Peanut Butter & Jelly Satisfaction (PB&Js) Scale?

Below is the 6 question, 5-pt (Very Satisfied to Very Dissatisfied) Likert scale:

Factor 1: Look (α = .81)

  • The overall look of the sandwich (.85)

  • The cut of the sandwich (.75)

Factor 2: Taste (α = .92)

  • Amount of peanut butter (.82)

  • Taste of peanut butter (.93)

  • Amount of jelly (.89)

  • Taste of jelly (.86)

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